The beaches of the Illawarra stretch from Stanwell Park in the north to East Beach at Kiama in the south. They are noted as good surfing beaches, many are patrolled and are ideal family destinations and some are edged by delightful rock pools and rock platforms.

Our local area has Australis most consistent surf breaks and on any day surfers are able to access a spot with the right wind and swell direction .

Yes surfers of the Illawarra are blessed and every surfer once coming in go to a COLD shower and rinse off.

We propose that in this modern age that we live in we should be able to have HOT SOLAR POWERED SHOWERS

S.L.S.C MEMBERS have access to hot showers. LEAGUE , RUGBY, and SOCCER teams have hot showers at their fields.

Surfers however have NO HOT SHOWERS

Let me remind you Wollongong has a very strong surf industry Byrne DP SKIPP LSD, DYLAN SHAPES as well as thriving surf shops in most major locations throughout the Illawarra.

Tens of Millions of dollars are made in Wollongong through the surf industry. Note the very strong café scene is supported by the surfers wanting coffee and a light snack.

Lets give something back to the surfers with a HOT SOLAR SHOWER

Sharkey beach at Coledale is currently undergoing a refurbish lets add a HOT SOLAR SHOWER to this much loved location as a start to a further rollout across the Illawarra surfing locations.